IPM presents solutions for pesky aphids

When aphids invaded American soybean fields in 2000, scientists across the country quickly began looking for ways to control the imported pest. All told, state and federal governments spent more than $17 million on research and education aimed at keeping aphids under control.

Scott Swinton, professor in the Department of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics, says it’s money well spent. The net economic benefit of the work done to find integrated pest management (IPM) solutions should reach $1.3 billion over 15 years, he figures. That’s an annual rate of return of 180 percent. Read more.

Hats off to the many MSU Extension educators and specialist who helped find a resolution to this pesky problem.

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  1. Tom Coon

    oops – If you read the original version of this or the email version, you may notice that I renamed Dr. Scott Swinton. His name is Scott and not Mark. I’ve changed it here on the blog, but want to be transparent that I’ve done so. Sorry about that, Scott! Thanks for your good work, in any case!