4-H Exploration Days by the numbers

Just a quick follow-up to last week’s story about Michigan State University Extension 4-H Exploration Days. Judy Ratkos always does a great job of documenting the outputs for Exploration Days (should fit well with the emphasis on logic models in our new program emphases!), which helps us measure the program’s growth and success. Here are just a few to give you the highlights:

  • A total of 2,656 people attended; 2,024 were youth participants.
  • Twice as many girls attended than boys.
  • Nearly sixty percent have attended the event more than once; in fact, almost 10 percent have attended five or more times.
  • More than 54 percent have been in 4-H for four or more years.
  • Almost 290 session instructors/helpers offered 200 sessions.
  • Adult volunteers contributed at least 23,000 hours of their time to 4-H Exploration Days this year (and many used precious vacation days from work in order to volunteer their time and to sleep in hot muggy dorm rooms).

Below are photos of some of the participants in the 4-H’s Got Talent show.

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  1. Mary Hogan

    I recently spent my birthday with my Brother in Kalamazoo for dinner. While there I was able to interact with some of his friends one that I vividly remember is Mary Lou Light. Mary Lou works, as my brother does also, with foreign students teaching english as a second language. As the conversation progressed finally is was asked where I worked and how I enhanced the community. Of course I explained that I was employed by MSU Extension and have the pleasure of teaching food and nutrition to families in the community where I live. Mary Lou was fascinated, asked ma amny questions and finally confessed that she had always wanted to be a Home Economic teacher and would love to work with Extension. I returned to work found the name and number of the person in charge in Kalamazoo and gave her a call. A very pleasant conversation with Leatta Byrd ended with forwarding Mary Lou’s information so that they would be able to connect with one another. Mary Lou is retiring in less than a year and wants to volunteer time to work with hispanic individuals in Kalamazoo under the guidance of the Extension office. Score one for our team. I am always fascinated at the resonse I get when I tell people what I do to earn my wage. There is always genuine interst and affirmation of the programs Extension offers. This is just my small way of promoting our efforts and blowing our horn, LOUD!
    Mary Hogan proud to be an nutriton instructor at MSUE Oakland County