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So there I was, early on Monday morning – a holiday from work – feeling good about having just finished my workout and ready for a full day, and I jumped in the car, turned it on, and as usual, began listening to the morning news show a local National Public Radio station (okay, it was that “other” station – WUOM, based in Ann Arbor). I heard an eloquent gentleman being interviewed by Christina Schockley for their special program called “Three Things”. The idea of the feature is to ask people from various walks of life to share their thoughts on three ideas that they think can help to revive our state. I didn’t realize that was the program as it and the guest had been introduced before my radio turned on. The guest’s voice sounded vaguely familiar and I’ll confess that at first I thought it was Representative Andy Dillon, Speaker of Michigan’s House of Representatives. But then I started to pick up on a subtle but distinctive Kentucky twang and the ideas sounded pretty familiar. Then it hit me – I was listening to Mike Score, President of Hantz Farms in Detroit. Many of you know Mike as a colleague who is a Senior Extension Educator for MSUE who received the Distinguished Academic Staff Award from President Simon earlier this year. He is currently on unpaid leave of absence from MSUE to provide leadership to the start up of the Hantz project, aimed at starting a commercial agricultural enterprise in Detroit. It’s a good fit for Mike – he’s been an innovation counselor for MSUE and has a solid agronomic background as well.

 It was fun to hear Mike share his thoughts on what simple things can help guide Michigan as we work to reinvent and transform our economy and our future. I won’t spoil it and tell you the details here, but encourage you to listen to his comments yourself by going to http://threethings.michiganradio.org. Makes me proud to consider him a colleague at MSUE.

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