A pierogi plug for the product center

There’s nothing like a client’s voluntary testimonial to tell us that one of our programs is working. We have several of those in today’s Michigan State University Extension Spotlight, and the first one is borne out of a passion for these Polish dumplings. The People’s Pierogi Collective (PPC) is a Detroit-based enterprise whose mission is “bringing pierogies to the people” by vending customized pierogies at the Detroit Eastern Market and other farmers markets in Michigan. PPC has been a client of Frank Gublo and Dianne Novak, MSUE innovation counselors working with the Product Center for Michigan Agriculture and Natural Resources, and their blogger Kimberly Strickler recently recognized the Product Center folks for their assistance in helping her to expand her market opportunities. Her blog testimonial (blogimonial?) suggests she may be working with students from MSU’s packaging program this fall to give them a meaningful context for applying what they’ve learned about packaging to a customized food item like PPC pierogies. We make a big deal about the diversity of Michigan agriculture, but we also should make a big deal about the diversity of Michigan’s ethnic traditions. PPC is capitalizing on that by creating such innovations as hummus-filled and peanut butter and jelly pierogies. I suppose a pasty pierogi would be redundant but uniquely Michigandish.


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2 responses to “A pierogi plug for the product center

  1. Julie Darnton

    I love that you coined “Michigandish”! I would love to try that pasty pierogi if they invent one – or any of the other ones really — that sounds great!