Another plug: MSUE’s family approach to nutrition education

Gretchen L. Hofing, Michigan State University Extension food, nutrition and health educator, passes on this testimonial told by Alice McElroy. Alice was a Lenawee County Extension program associate with the Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) up until the last few years when she shifted to the Family Nutrition Program (FNP). She is retiring at the end of the month, so when she ran into a past client at Meijer the interaction was especially rewarding for her. Alice related that one of her past EFNEP homemakers from maybe 12 or 13 years ago stopped her to talk. Alice was surprised she remembered her at all, but the woman said she would never forget all the fun things they did. Alice said that seeing her and two of her four children and her husband was like seeing old friends.

 This particular homemaker homeschooled her children, and she and Alice talked about how they incorporated reading, math, food safety and science into the nutrition lessons. Alice remembered how much fun they had while they planned meals and the children helped cook. The homemaker’s husband said he had been out of work for more than a year and had just this week gotten a job, but his wife was the greatest at stretching their food budget and that helped a lot during this past year. Both the husband and wife believe that skill came from working with MSU Extension programs.

 Alice states, “It’s very gratifying to know that I and the organization I work for help make long-lasting changes in families’ lives.”

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  1. Miriam Nettles

    One of the best comments I got for the support of teaching students/clients cooking skills was from a student. She said that her family while she was growing up was in the social services system and received fresh fruits and vegetables as part of their food aid. Her comment was “my mom didn’t know how to cook the stuff so a lot of it went to waste.” More EFNEP is needed today with the push toward urban gardening. Hopefully MSUE will be a strong force in the fight to help all Michigan citizens improve their nutrient intake in tough times.