MSUE oil and gas leasing program highlighted in PBS report

Oil and natural gas reserves exist under deep shale layers in most of Northern Michigan. Until recently, these mineral resources have been hard to reach, but new technology has made accessing it easier, setting off a natural gas boom in our state and in other parts of the U.S. This has caused both opportunity and concern for landowners.

In a past Spotlight, I highlighted the important work being done by Michigan State University Extension educators in instructing landowners about their leasing options.

PBS’s Nightly Business Report has aired a three-part series on the new natural gas boom. The report bases two of the pieces on story lines here in Michigan.

Go to and see footage broadcast on July 29 of the recent MSUE oil and gas leasing educational seminar in Osceola County. Landowners are understandably eager for informed information and MSUE is supplying that with seminars and educational materials.

 You can also view the July 30 broadcast, which gives the Michigan landowner perspective on this issue:

 The third part of the series is based in Pennsylvania and addresses fracking, a process that involves sending water, sand and a chemical solution into the well bore to force the natural gas to the surface:

Extension educators have done a fantastic job educating landowners in making informed decisions about this issue.


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2 responses to “MSUE oil and gas leasing program highlighted in PBS report

  1. Lela Vandenberg

    Thanks for Highlighting the oil and gas leasing work. I also want you to know that Dean Solomon has put an Ask an Expert widget on their portal site, and he, Curtis Talley, and Stan Moore have begun receiving and answering questions through it. It’s a great use of AaE and they’re the first MSUE group to pioneer its use in this topic-focused way. Here’s the link to their site/widget: It’s in the bottom right module. We’re hoping that eventually other groups will begin using the widget on their web pages.

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