Isabella County Extension SNAP-Ed brings Wise Guys, wise advice to kids

Michigan State University Extension Isabella County SNAP-Ed (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) instructor Vivian Pifher received a grant for more than $18,000 from the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe. The grant will purchase supplies and curriculum, and contribute to the operational costs of the OrganWise Guys Comprehensive School Program (OWG CSP) in the Isabella County Schools.

 The OWG CSP is an interactive, science-based curriculum that uses fun characters based on the organs of the body to teach children about nutrition and physical activity. Vivian implemented the OWG Program at Renaissance Public School Academy during the last school year and will work with both Renaissance and Ganiard schools in 2010-11.

 Teacher surveys taken at the end of the school year showed that students were more active, running and playing games during recess. More students started eating breakfast. They learned how important water is for their body, and they made healthier snack choices. Excited about the program, the kids have stopped Vivian in the hall to ask if OWG is coming to their class today.

 MSUE is striving to attain the goal of offering the OWG curriculum to all eligible Isabella County Schools within two years by training the teachers to implement this comprehensive nutrition program with Isabella County MSUE’s support.

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