Oil and gas leasing experts answer questions using widget

In last week’s Spotlight, I mentioned that the oil and natural gas boom in northern Michigan has created both opportunity and concern for landowners. Michigan State University Extension educators have been instructing landowners about their leasing options in face-to-face seminars. Extension educators Dean Solomon, Curtis Talley and Stan Moore are also currently aiding folks online by receiving and answering questions through an Ask an Expert widget on the MSUE Oil and Gas Information site at http://www.msue.msu.edu/portal/default.cfm?pageset_id=580675. (Scroll down to the bottom right to view the widget.)

 According to Lela Vandenberg, Extension specialist, the trio is the first MSUE group to pioneer the Ask an Expert widget in this topic-focused way. (See her comment on my blog.) She encourages other groups to follow their lead. If you’d like more information about using an Ask an Expert widget on your program area Web page, contact Lela at vanden34@msu.edu, Liz Wells at wellselz@msu.edu or Dean Solomon at solomon@msu.edu.

 Also feel free to add comments to any story on my blog as Lela and others have done.

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