MSUE faculty awarded promotions

Eight faculty members in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources who have Extension appointments were awarded reappointment or promotions in action taken by the Michigan State University Board of Trustees in June. The following assistant professors were granted reappointment for a second three-year term as assistant professors:

 Daniel Brainard, Assistant Professor, Horticulture

A. Stuart Grandy, Assistant Professor, Crop and Soil Sciences

Matthew Grieshop, Assistant Professor, Entomology

Paolo Sabbatini, Assistant Professor, Horticulture

 Four other faculty members who had previously been granted tenure were promoted from associate professor to professor rank:

 Leslie Bourquin, Professor, Food Science and Human Nutrition

Rufus Isaacs, Professor, Entomology

Zenia Kotval, Professor; Planning, Design and Construction

Dale Rozeboom, Professor, Animal Science

 The Trustees’ action affected other faculty in CANR and other colleges who do not have Extension appointments, but whose expertise is important for our ability to deliver programs. Congratulations to all on their reappointment or promotion. We appreciate having them actively engaged in conducting research and developing programs that help us serve the people of Michigan.

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