Great Lakes Leadership Academy builds leadership capacity – for the common good

Leadership for the common good is a driving principle behind the Great Lakes Leadership Academy (GLLA). Among the hallmarks of GLLA programs is the sense that leadership is a skill set that is needed across many interests and many sectors in Michigan. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent, a Michigan State University Extension educator, a business owner, a farmer, an aspiring politician, a faculty member, a support staff member, a board member of a local non-profit organization, a health care provider, a factory worker or supervisor, being able to lead (and follow) effectively greatly increases your ability to contribute to Michigan’s revitalization.

 Now is a great time to consider refining and enhancing your leadership abilities by participating in leadership training, and GLLA has two programs to offer.

 The Great Lakes Leadership Academy (GLLA) is a program designed to bring together current and emerging leaders in government, academia, non-profits and industry to broaden perspectives about key sustainability issues and consider how leadership for the common good can influence Michigan’s future.

 The Emerging Leader Program (ELP) meets twelve days between January and July and is designed for developing individual leadership skills. The program seeks a diverse group of outstanding candidates representing the varied interests mentioned above.

 The Leadership Advancement Program (LAP) consists of 12 sessions over an 18-month period with additional time committed to complete individual application and group assignments. The curriculum is designed to provide intense, hands-on experiences through work on Issues Teams, facilitated workshops, panel discussions, tours and group exercises. The capstone of the GLLA program is a 10-day international trip to learn about selected issues at the global level. The participants determine the trip’s location and itinerary.

 If you are interested in learning more about the Great Lakes Leadership Academy, you can check it out and apply online at If you know others in your community whom you think would benefit from one of these programs, please pass along information on GLLA to them. The deadline for applications is September 1, 2010, with the next ELP and LAP programs beginning in January 2011.

 Please direct any questions to Vicki Pontz at or 517-432-8685.

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