Staff members learn to lead through change

Best Practices in Leading through Change is now posted on the Michigan State University Extension portal, thanks to the nearly 100 staff members who participated in seven change leadership webinars in July and August. The change leadership team of Eric Hufnagel, Phil Kaatz, Grace Mutua, James Ribbron and Mary Robb, supported by professional development leaders Kathy Foerster and Lela Vandenberg designed and implemented the interactive sessions using Adobe Connect. They’re also planning an advanced session for those who participated this summer during Fall Extension Conference 2010, October 18–22. As helpful as the program has been – and I’m extremely grateful for that – I think the even greater benefit is the fact that these folks have demonstrated best practices for leading through change: identifying a need, organizing to address it and presenting it for others. No one asked them to do this; no one charged them with this initiative. They simply saw a need, saw an opportunity to address the need and did it. That’s the kind of leadership we need throughout MSUE. And having an opportunity to point this out is why I started sending out this weekly newsletter. Thanks!

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