Nominate a colleague for meritorious service recognition

Four years ago, we began a new award program to recognize staff members who have been particularly important to Michigan State University Extension’s success in fulfilling our mission to “help people improve their lives through an educational process that applies knowledge to critical issues, needs and opportunities.” Our original deadline for nominations has passed, but I realize that with many other things on our minds, that may have caused individuals to miss the call for nominations or perhaps experience uncertainty about who should submit nominations.  There are four different categories for recognition in the program: Educator, Program Associate, Specialist/Program Leader and Support Staff. ANYONE is welcome to submit a nomination. I know that County Extension Directors and Regional Directors often led the way in the past, but we all know colleagues whom we think epitomize the strength of MSUE. Think of colleagues whose service has been particularly important in your community, in your institute, in your discipline, and please take the time to nominate them for recognition with the Meritorious Service Award. It would be most helpful if you could submit your nominations by September 17. Please send your nominations to Megghan Honke at You can find a description of the awards and a format for your nomination on the MSUE portal at (you will need to log in to the portal). In addition to the items listed for the nomination format, please include a photograph of the individual that we could use in the announcement of awardees during Fall Extension Conference.

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