Final chance to register for MCEA joint conference

I applaud the leadership of the Michigan Council of Extension Associations in developing the joint meeting of associations they are hosting at the Kettunen Center next week, September 13–14. The MCEA board is made up of leaders from the Michigan chapters of six professional associations of Extension professionals. The conference is made up of two parts – one dedicated to meetings of the associations on September 13, and then a workshop titled “Refresh and Rebuild Your Team Building Skills for Working in a Matrix Organization” beginning on the afternoon of September 13 and continuing through the morning of September 14. The meeting is still open to registrations, but the deadline is TODAY, September 9. Go to the conference website to access the registration system.

 Dr. Rodgers and I will be giving a presentation to the conference on Monday morning in which we will present insights we have gained from research on matrix organizations and on leadership that have been helpful during our redesign process and that we think are directly translatable to the challenges that face each of us in retooling our programs and strengthening our impacts across Michigan. We realize that many will not be able to attend the conference on Monday, so we will repeat our presentation on Monday afternoon during our biweekly Michigan State University Extension Redesign Web conference. We will record the Monday afternoon conference so those who wish to hear it and cannot participate in either live session will have that opportunity afterwards.

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