Prepare yourself, equipment for FEC

Some of you have asked how to prepare yourself and your equipment for the 2010 MSU Extension Fall Conference. If you haven’t yet done so, please visit the FEC “Participant Information” section to make sure you’re ready. Ideally, each staff member will have his or her own headset, not only for this conference, but also for future opportunities. If there is audio input, each person really needs a headset. Anyone without a headset may wish to share a computer and its speakers, but that person won’t be able to speak. Since we really want to hear from you, this is far from ideal.

Some people have asked if joining Facebook is a requirement for this conference. It is not. But if you want to join, the Facebook interaction should enhance your conference experience. If you’re in a county office where social media software is blocked by the county computer firewall, you won’t be disadvantaged – it’s just one more mechanism for connecting with folks engaged in FEC.

We look forward to hearing from you during FEC, so please test your equipment now.


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