Fall Extension Conference takes place next week

Four days and counting … are you ready for the first ever virtual FEC? I think I am ready and I know I am excited.

The FEC 2010 website will be your key navigation tool for the conference, just as you would use your facility map and hard copy agenda at a traditional conference. Because some of you will be gathering in your districts, Oct. 18 will be a great mix of in-person networking and online sessions. Oct. 19 and 21 will be filled with concurrent sessions – so many that I don’t know what to choose from. The institute directors have an awesome day planned on Oct. 20 – it will include an overview of where our programming is headed and several sessions to allow work groups to continue to frame their future. Friday will be a fun day filled with poster sessions and announcements about the winners of our various competitions.

Also don’t forget to go online and post a word of congratulations on our Key Partner, Association and Meritorious Service award winner recognition pages.

Fun and networking still possible at FEC 2010 and there are many ways you can participate:

  • An asynchronous Scavenger Hunt. Small teams are asked to seek out and photograph five specific situations. Teams are asked to post these five pictures to Facebook. Prizes for creative entries will be awarded.
  • Photo sharing will be encouraged using Facebook. Participants can post photos to be shared with their colleagues. Got a picture of your garden you’d like to share or a pet or your smiling mug? Post up!
  • “Find Sparty” is an activity that will inspire people to look very closely at the conference website. Up to 10 images of Sparty are hidden there. Participants who find all of them will be entered into a drawing to win a Spartan helmet (well, it’s a big stuffed-animal Sparty helmet). Participants should submit the URLs of the pictures where they found Sparty in one email to Kathy Raphael.
  • The final activity is the Virtual Conference Lounge. So as not to miss casual opportunities to interact, such as sitting on the cozy Kellogg Center couches or joining colleagues at the Harrison Roadhouse, staff are encouraged to visit the Virtual Lounge. Located at the conference’s Facebook page, the Lounge will provide a convenient and casual forum for discussing work, the conference or fun discussion topics. Staff may visit the lounge at any time during the conference. Participants are encouraged to add a topic or join in other discussion topics.
  • Finally, if you’re tweeting along with us on Twitter, don’t forget to use #fec10.

If you missed registration for the conference; remember you can access many of the classes and sessions by navigating the conference website.

The help desk on the website is filled with helpful information for participants, hosts and sessions presenters. Be sure to review this information before the start of the conference next week. If you haven’t taken advantage of the Adobe Connect training sessions, be sure to use the self-paced testing rooms to check your system before the conference.

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