FEC10 by the numbers

What do you get when you mix –

  • 22 hosts
  • 120 presenters
  • 33 calls to the library help desk
  • 123 teaching hours
  • 334 people simultaneously online
  • nearly 600 total participants
  • 3834 person hours of education
  • 4294 visits to a Facebook page (last week alone!)?

 That would be Fall Extension Conference 2010 (FEC10), our first major online conference. Not long following fall Extension conference 2009, we began discussing the possibility of an online conference for 2010. Consensus was that we should give it a try, though I’m not sure we knew what we were asking for at the time. We had a great experience last week and want to thank all those who helped make it possible – and that’s all of you!

Michigan State University Extension is leading the way by creating a model for the virtual conference. We’ve been given support and encouragement from Dean Armstrong, Provost Wilcox and President Simon. In fact, Dean Armstrong was moved to adopt Adobe Connect for an important meeting he is holding with the CANR College Advisory Committee tomorrow regarding college restructuring.

 If you’d like to go back and view a session that you missed – and that’s one of the positive aspects of having a virtual conference, go to http://fec.msue.msu.edu/fec/proceedings. Scroll through and click on the presentation of your choice.

 We are conducting a comprehensive evaluation of FEC10, and you can participate by completing the survey available at http://www.zoomerang.com/Survey/WEB22BCNAP3KY5. Your feedback will be key not only to future conferences here in Michigan, but to the Extension system as we intend to share what we’ve learned with other Extension professionals across the nation. Please take the time to give us your thoughtful feedback. And I’ll share some of what we learn with you through Spotlight and other outlets.

 The Facebook discussion is ongoing, too, with a couple new questions on technology and FEC 2011 for your input. Please continue to visit there. Meanwhile, if you didn’t take the opportunity to evaluate any of the concurrent sessions you participated in, there’s still time. Please visit the FEC Sessions Survey to provide this important feedback.

 See you next year at Kellogg Center, October 11–13, for FEC 2011!

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