Soyfoods lesson plan passes teacher test

When Michigan State University Extension food, nutrition and health educator and registered dietitian Gretchen L. Hofing created a soyfoods lesson plan through MSUE and the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee, she had high school hospitality programs in mind. But during the past year of its use, she has found that “Soyfoods…Soy Good for You, Soy Easy!” is a great resource for other areas in schools and for public audiences as well. Forty Michigan schools have requested the lesson plan for use with more than 3,100 students. In an online survey, more than 90 percent of teachers who used the plan generally agreed that the soyfoods resource brought value to their curriculum. Gretchen’s work on this project is supported in part by funding from the Michigan Soybean Promotion Committee. Find out more here. Lesson plans are available here

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