Questions about MSUE redesign answered

You may be fielding questions about Michigan State UniversityExtension’s redesign process, or you may have questions yourselves about the redesign structure. Don’t forget that there are resources on our website that can help you with those questions. Go to the MSUE portal and click on “Learn about MSU Extension’s redesign effort” under “MSUE Hot Topics” on the right side of the page.

 The redesign page includes an introduction, FAQs and links to the following documents:

Shaping Michigan’s Future” explains how MSUE’s redesign was developed and implemented. It includes a handy district map with corresponding institute directors and district coordinators.

 “Carrying Out the Land-grant Mission of Education in the 21st Century” explains the focus of MSUE’s work, lists institute workgroups and includes a link to the staffing database. This database, available at, allows a search of counties and institutes for Extension experts.

 And there’s my video, “Why We’ve Redesigned MSU Extension,” which may not be all that interesting to you, but it’s provided for stakeholders who may ask the question “why are you doing this?” and are willing to hear a 15-minute answer.

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