UP is open for business

I honestly don’t know where the tradition of sending a notice out to everyone in Michigan State University Extension when a county office is closed for weather conditions originated. And I’ve never really thought about it until I received a boatload of notices on Wednesday, a day when MSU cancelled classes, asked campus-based staff and faculty to stay at home, and kept all buildings on campus locked. The messages I enjoyed the most were the ones that quietly informed us that the offices in the Upper Peninsula (for the most part) were open for business on a day when everything else was closed. Certainly, the impact of the storm wasn’t as great in the UP as it was south of the Mackinac Straits, but still, there’s something reassuring about the ease with which our colleagues in the UP deal with weather challenges that leave the rest of us in a tizzy. If this becomes a persistent weather pattern in the years ahead, we may need some professional development sessions led by UP staff to help the rest of us understand how they keep things operating under cold and really snowy conditions.

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  1. Jody Maloney

    Lesson one: Sorels, choppers, a chook and carhartts: Translating the look and language of Yooper fashion.