What’s working (or not)?

It means a great deal to me when I hear from Michigan State University Extension colleagues who have just completed something new that they find rewarding enough to feel like telling me about it. It also means a great deal when I hear from colleagues who are trying, but struggling to figure out how to work in our new structure and program priorities. In both cases, it helps me to understand more deeply the work that we do and the impacts we can have and the challenges we face in realizing that potential. As much as I enjoy hearing these stories, I’d like for others to hear them as well. For that reason, during this week’s bimonthly MSUE Redesign webinar, I shared that we will be adding a new feature to that Monday afternoon gathering, called “What’s Working (or Not)?” The point of this feature is to give voice to colleagues who have either found some new opportunities in their more specialized roles within MSU Extension or may be struggling to find a way to understand how to redirect and refocus their work. If you are interested in sharing your story, please send me a note (msuedir@msu.edu) so we can work you into the program plans for a future Redesign webinar. Given that this is done online, I would encourage you to make use of the medium to tell your story or to stimulate discussion. I haven’t been overwhelmed with offers yet, but if you feel motivated to share, it would be great to share with others throughout our organization so that we can each learn from your experiences.

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