Get MSU Extension News for Agriculture on your mobile device

A few weeks ago, I bragged about the MSU Extension News for Agriculture, a new website that allows educators in the Agriculture and Agribusiness Institute to share educational information. I’m happy to report that the valuable information they share can now be accessed via mobile devices, too!

Mobile technology is growing in importance, especially in rural areas where high-speed Internet access still lags behind urban and suburban areas. According to Morgan Stanley, in the next five years, more people will connect to the Internet via mobile phone than via a personal computer. Clearly, mobile technology is an important educational outlet for Michigan State University Extension.

 To view the mobile version of MSU Extension New for Agriculture, simply click the aforementioned link from a mobile device. If you have suggestions about how to improve the site, contact Beth Stuever in ANR Communications.


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3 responses to “Get MSU Extension News for Agriculture on your mobile device

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  2. William Marrison

    I was told by Mr. Longstrout that there was informaiton on this site that told the optimum time for picking apples. Is this the wrong site or am I just not seeing it?
    Thank you,
    William Marrison
    Jackson, Mi

  3. msuespotlight

    This article has information about apple maturity in Michigan. Hope it helps!