What’s new about MSUE? Many are finding out at the MSUE News for Ag site

Michigan State University Extension has been helping people by bringing them the knowledge of MSU for a long time now, and the number of people we are reaching through technology has grown tremendously since we introduced MSU Extension News for Agriculture.

 The online tool helps us get the newest information and research from MSUE to farmers and stakeholders. And they get that information in one convenient, online location. Through the website, faculty and staff members can share their expertise with anyone in the state. They are not limited by county or regional borders.

 The numbers are up, and they don’t lie. In just three months, we have had nearly 40,000 visits to MSUE News for Ag and more than 120,000 page views.

 Our readership increases monthly. From Apr. 26 to May 26, we had more than 25,000 visits, and more than 70,000 pages viewed. We average 834 visitors per day, and the average visitor views 2.8 pages per visit and spends about 2.21 minutes on the site.

  • Visits are split almost equally between first-time visitors (48 percent) and return visitors (52 percent).
  • Weekends are slower than weekdays, but with an average total of 1,131 visitors for Saturday and Sunday (combined) over the last three weekends, weekend traffic is significant – and seems to be growing.
  • In general, Thursday and Friday have the most page views – usually more than 1,000 per day. We’re not sure why this spike occurs, because we are posting new material daily.

Thirty-two percent of our visitors are referred to us from another site. Twenty-one percent are driven to our site via various search engines. This is particularly good news because that means we are ranking higher in search engine results.

 The statistics show that this online tool is proving to be a positive form of communicating knowledge to Michigan residents. Find it at news.msue.msu.edu.

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