Gone Fishing!

I thought I’d give you advance warning – there won’t be an issue of MSUE Spotlight next week. I’m taking a week off for vacation and figure you don’t want to hear from me any more than those fish do. So next week, I’m choosing the fish. Feel free to write your own stories for the Spotlight if you’d like and post them as comments to this posting on my blog. Otherwise, you’ll get your next edition of the MSUE Spotlight on August 11.  Thanks for understanding.


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2 responses to “Gone Fishing!

  1. Bertha Rogers

    Youth Receive Red Cross Babysitter Certification
    Youth ages 11-15 in Baraga and Houghton-Keweenaw County MSU Extension/4-H were certified in Red Cross Babysitting Course. The thirty-one youth from the three counties learned: about being an entrepreneur and operating Babysitting as a Business, What to expect from parents, gained the skills they need to help them handle any real-life babysitting situation, interviewing skills, how to make good responsible decisions, how to supervised children, how to choose age appropriate games and toys, and how to perform basic care, CPR and first aid for infant and children. Each participant received the American Red Cross Portfolio with the Babysitter’s Handbook, first aid kit, Babysitter training CD, Emergency Guide and pen. The Great Explorations Baraga-Houghton-Keweenaw Program provided advertising and funding for the course. Bertha Rogers, MSU Extension 4-H Program Coordinator taught the class.

  2. Marie Ruemenapp

    Enjoy your vacation and I hope you catch some fish!