MSU Extension health and nutrition staff members remain optimistic

During a recent Michigan State University Extension Redesign webinar, I just happened to mention something about “putting on our optimism shoes” when we face the challenges ahead of us. Extension educator Gretchen Hofing let me know that she and Lenawee County office manager Melissa Burns were busy planning a SNAP-Ed (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program–Education) training for four counties of District 12 (Lenawee, Monroe, Washtenaw and Hillsdale) when my remark about optimism shoes got them thinking – why stop with shoes? What about hats? And how about shirts, pants, socks and scarves?

 As Gretchen relates it: “And so it came to be that at the beginning of our training day on September 19, we took some time to get to know each other, do team building and allow our creative juices to flow while making optimism scarves. During this time, we reflected on how although it has been a year with its fair share of challenges – and it wasn’t over yet – we have also had bright spots. As we move forward and things seem rough or we hit those bumps in the road, hopefully, we can take a glance at the optimism scarf that may still be in our office and remember to reflect and focus on some of the more optimistic and rewarding moments of the day or week.”

 Thanks for sharing that, Gretchen. You’ve taken a spontaneous comment and made it into something more meaningful and fun. The health and nutrition staff are pictured wearing the scarves below.

MSU health and nutrition staff members model their optimism scarves

Front (left to right): Awilda Dominguez, Heather Hampel, Candace Gardiner, Gretchen Hofing. Back (left to right): Jennie Ramos, Lisa Hartman, Winnie Webb. Photo by Melissa Burns.

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