New 4-H rabbit member guide now available

I love it when we can engage our Michigan State University Extension volunteers in not only delivering programs but also providing input into program development. They not only take ownership for the outcomes, but they also learn what goes into creating quality, science-based curricula.

 This was the case in our newly revised 4-H Rabbit Fitting and Showing Member Guide (4H1268) that’s now available from the MSU Extension Bookstore.

4-H Rabbit Fitting and Showing Member Guide

 The volunteers who comprise the Michigan 4-H Rabbit Fitting and Showing Curriculum sub-committee put a monumental effort into the manual, and their hard work and dedication paid off. This should be a popular curriculum in Michigan and beyond, as I’m told there is no other manual like it. I could take the rest of this column to list their names, as well as the MSUE staff members who contributed to the guide, but instead I’ll encourage you to pick up a copy from the MSU Extension Bookstore. The retail price is $5, but MSUE staff can purchase it at the county rate of $4.

 This informative source is a helpful tool to guide 4-H members through both fitting (choosing and preparing a rabbit for show) and exhibiting rabbits. Full-color photographs take 4-H’ers through the proper steps of handling, posing and examining their rabbits for show purposes. The guide also focuses on the members themselves: their appearance and attitude, sportsmanship and leadership.

 And of course, it uses a hands-on inquiry-based approach that is the hallmark of 4-H experiences and curriculum.

 Katie VanderKolk, MSU Extension animal science educator, says, “We are glad to offer an updated curriculum to enhance youth knowledge and skills in the rabbit showmanship area.”

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