FEC11 – there’s more to come!

It was great to visit with so many Michigan State University Extension staff at the Fall Extension Conference and to see you all engaging with each other. Spending time together to renew and refresh our commitment to MSU Extension always brings new ideas to the surface and for me at least, was very therapeutic. Being able to recognize key partners and staff reminds me of the tremendous work that is done by and for MSUE every day.

 I encourage you to continue to follow our theme of “Go Right Through” at FEC11 and participate in the virtual sessions taking place next Tuesday and Thursday, Oct. 18 and 20. You can learn more about the 86 different offerings at http://fec.msue.msu.edu/fec/2011_schedule.

 Among the great jokes he shared with us yesterday, Steve Siemens’ core message, “When you’re through changing, you’re through!” resonated particularly well with the mission of FEC11. One of the most important steps each person can take to embrace and grow from change is to take charge of your own learning journey. See you next week on the Web!

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