Follow proper steps to obtain purchasing cards

Please pay attention to the email that went out recently from Annette Tijerina of the Michigan State University Extension Business Office about purchasing cards (pro-cards). MSU Extension educators with operating accounts and MSU Extension program assistants, associates and instructors should get pro-cards. This means about 400 staff members need to do their part and do it on time to be operational in 2012. Find the application and agreement forms in the Documents heading of the MSUE All Staff section on the ANR SharePoint site. If you haven’t already, please complete both forms and fax to your fiscal officer before Nov. 23. You can also register for and attend online training using the MSUE Professional Development Registration System. Click on the Professional Development Registration System page, and scroll down to “Personal & Organizational Development, & Conferences” to find the schedule for pro-card training. Annette sent an email out yesterday with a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) regarding the use of pro-cards. You can find these on the MSUE All Staff SharePoint site as well. If you have questions, or you have not received the emails about pro-cards, please contact Annette Tijerina at

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