New 4-H animal science snapshots now available online

A series of 4-H animal science snapshot sheets are available online, ready for use by staff members, volunteers, 4-H’ers or future 4-H’ers interested in getting involved in specific 4-H animal science projects.

 The fact sheets let youth know what to expect from being involved in a 4-H animal project. They cover “the big picture” from starting out in the project to learning more as they progress further in the project to expanding their horizons as they become more knowledgeable about their animals. The snapshots give ideas for using the animal projects to focus on science, communication, citizenship and leadership, and life skills. They list ways that youth can get further involved in the projects. Finally, the snapshots list related curricula and resources.

 Katie VanderKolk, Michigan State University Extension animal science educator, hopes that the snapshots will be a resource for county staff people to use to give potential 4-H members a glimpse into the opportunities that 4-H animal science projects have to offer to youth. Additionally, she believes 4-H volunteers can use them as a resource for curriculum and other information to share with members of their clubs or groups.

 “The snapshots are based on the Iowa State University project Hot Sheets. Michigan’s snapshots are enhanced by relating animal science projects with specific science and life skill development ideas as well as additional curriculum and resources that are available for youth and volunteers to utilize,” said Katie.

 View the 4-H snapshots by clicking on each URL given:

4-H Dog Project (4H1610):

 4-H Goat Project (4H1611):

 4-H Poultry Project (4H1612):

 4-H Rabbit Project (4H1613):

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