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We’re proud of the fact that Michigan State University is one of the top research universities in the world. We base our MSU Extension bulletins on that research, making sure that all of the information we provide is current. It’s counterproductive to continue to disseminate the knowledge generated by the university’s faculty members to Michigan’s residents if the information we circulate has become outdated. Some of our counties may be unknowingly doing so. You may be selling outdated versions of the following bulletins that have been revised or replaced: 

  • Turfgrass Pest Management: Training Manual for Commercial Applicators – Category 3A (E2327). This book underwent a major revision in 2011. Older copies should be recycled and not sold. 
  • Seed Treatment (E2035) by Carolyn Randall, updated in 2002. This bulletin is out-of-date, and it should not be sold. Please recycle any copies of this manual that remain in your office. It has been replaced with Seed Treatment – Category 4 (E3159) by Betsy Buffington and Alan Gaul of Iowa State University. 
  • The National Applicator Core Training Manual. This book was most recently revised in 2007. Editions that are older than that should be recycled. This manual should not be sold without a Michigan addendum for private applicators (E3007kitp) or the Michigan addendum for commercial applicators (E3008kitc).

 If you are not sure if you have outdated copies of a bulletin, please email the MSU Extension Bookstore at

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