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In a past Spotlight and on this week’s Michigan State University Extension Update webinar, I talked about the new events management system developed by Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Communications and ANR Technology Services that will be a great online resource for planning your events. Events management training is now available for registration. Visit and scroll down to “Personal & Organizational Development, & Conferences.” You’ll see 13 sessions offered from January to June called “ANR Events Management Training 101.” Click on the session title for the date you are interested in to register for the session. Each session runs an hour and a half. After you have been through training, you will have access to a training site where you can practice entering your events before using the live system.

 These are training sessions to get you ready to actually create your events using the events management registration system after Feb. 1. There will be online tutorials available starting in February as refreshers to what you learned at the training.

 The Event Management Team also offers specific trainings on negotiating contracts, venues and space, food and beverage planning and guarantees, working with speakers and communications.

 In addition to the webinars and registration training system, the ANR Event Management Team is here to help. Just shoot them an email or give them a call to get your questions answered. Contact Megghan Honke at or 517-353-3175, ext. 229, or Betsy Braid at or 517-432-1555, ext. 224.

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