Learn to structure webinar content

As you know, we’ve talked a great deal about “embracing” technology as a means of expanding our programs’ reach and impacts, and we’ve made tremendous strides. But sometimes we can get so wrapped up in the technology that our attention is consumed by the software and the real purpose of the program becomes an afterthought. I often need to remind myself that technology is the method we use to get our message across, not the message itself. And whether the meeting is online or face-to-face, it’s important to be organized with a prepared agenda to follow.

 Molly Frendo, Michigan State University Extension associate program leader in the Children and Youth Institute, will lead a face-to-face three-hour workshop session to help participants to create effective and engaging webinars. Rather than focus on the ins and outs of the technology, this learning experience will zero in on structuring the content of a webinar to facilitate online learning opportunities that are interesting and keep participants’ attention.

 Capacity will be limited to 10 people so that attendees can work on actual webinar content and receive feedback and support. “Creating Engaging Webinars” takes place March 19 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. on the MSU campus, 95 Agriculture Hall. The cost is $15. Register by March 12 at the MSU Extension Professional Development Registration System by clicking on the session title. And if we find demand far surpasses supply, we’ll work to find a way to broaden the reach of this program – face-to-face or online!

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