Take opportunity to archive important documents

One of the more effective ways Michigan State University Extension has provided information in the past has been through publication of bulletins. A few months ago, I wrote about the importance of archiving materials that we have used in our work in my blog. Michigan State University Archives and Historical Collections is the unit that receives and catalogs materials that need to be archived.

 Many of you may have a part in Agriculture and Natural Resources (ANR) Week, which takes place on campus March 3–10. If you’re making the trip in to campus, Cindy Straus, Extension specialist, is happy to receive any material that you’d like to archive. All you need to do is drop it off at her office in 221 Agriculture Hall.

 To see the MSU Extension bulletins currently archived, view the historical publications listing at

http://web2.msue.msu.edu/Bulletins/Bulletin/PDF/Historical/finished_pubs/index.html. It’s kind of fun to just go through and read a bulletin from 1929! But certainly, bulletins don’t have to be that old to archive.

 Cindy says, “I am looking for bulletins with an F, Circular, Memoir or Special or Technical Bulletin listing on them or old E series as well. Along with the bulletins any newsletter series or special handouts created for programs no longer served should be housed with Archives at MSU.”

 So pick up those boxes and take them out to your vehicle now so you don’t forget to bring them to campus. Cindy will be waiting for you.

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