Technology allows overseas Marine to be ‘present’ at son’s birth

You’ve heard me talk about technology and how we use it to reach people through our work. Jean Lakin, Michigan State University Extension educator, relayed this story to me, showing how technology can reach across oceans and continents to connect people in very personal ways.

 Mickie Boczkowski, Macomb County support staff person, took a few days off to support her daughter as a labor and delivery coach and to welcome her grandson into the world. Dad was physically absent. However, serving with the Marines in Afghanistan did not keep Cpl. Joseph Schank from missing the life-altering experience of witnessing the birth of his son on Jan. 27. He was able to join them in the delivery room via video chat.

 People often accuse technology of depersonalizing our relationships rather than connecting us emotionally and personally. But in this instance, technology definitely connected this family on a personal level.

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