Luce County millage passes easily

I’m happy to report that the Luce County millage passed by a large margin with 899 voting “yes” and 292 voting “no.”

 Michigan State University Extension educator Nancy Victorson said, “One township clerk told us this was unprecedented numbers for a primary and attributed the turn out to the ballot issues.”

 Both Extension and the Luce County Parks and Recreation offices were eliminated from the county budget in 1992. Originally passed in 1992 to make up for the loss, the millage must be renewed every 5 years to keep both offices in existence. The one mill will be divided equally between Extension and the Luce County Parks and Recreation.

 Nancy attributes the win to the relationships Extension has built up in the community, strong networks of support and social media.

 The Extension Council, the Friends of Extension and Parks and Recreation Committee (formed to promote the millage), 4-H leaders and families, farmers market supporters and other long-term supporters of Extension came together in support.

 Facebook postings and emails played a huge role in getting the word out about the importance of the millage and reminding people to vote.

 Nancy says it took the entire Luce County Extension team working together to give the millage supporters the kind of program outcomes that they needed to compel voter support. The team made highly visible valued programs in the community a priority, not just in the months before the passage, but throughout the entire five years since the last millage vote. Winter Break for Knowledge (an event with more than 100 people attending), 4-H and the creation of a farmers market are just some of the programs that MSU Extension provides to the people of Luce County.

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