Fall Extension Conference set for Oct. 31 and Nov. 1

We have something special planned for Halloween this year: Fall Extension Conference! Mark your calendars for Oct. 31 and Nov. 1 for Fall Extension Conference (FEC) 2012.

 The Fall Extension Conference Committee including the Organizational Development Team studied your feedback about the mix of virtual and face-to-face sessions that made up FEC 2011. Based on your recommendations, they will be working with ANR Communications Event Services to implement changes, offering opportunities to enhance your professional development throughout the year rather than only in the fall. These new changes will kick off with our traditional face-to-face Fall Extension Conference in 2012 at the Lexington Lansing Hotel. The team will be working closely with the institute directors to ensure that every minute of your face-to-face time is valuable. We’re stepping out to try a different venue, still in the Lansing area, but one that gives us some options we’ve not had at the Kellogg Center.

 The FEC Committee and MSUE administration will roll out the new concept for year-round professional development at FEC 2012. After FEC 2012, there will be three virtual sessions (one each quarter in 2013 ending with a face-to-face wrap-up in the last quarter of 2013). The dates of the virtual professional development activities have not been set. The team will release dates for 2013 as they start planning the new format for Michigan State University Extension employees.

 Please watch your inbox for additional information regarding lodging, agenda and registration information for the in-person FEC in Lansing.

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