Fruit growers name Beaudry ‘Fruit Man of the Year’

Yesterday, I had my second opportunity to see Dr. Randy Beaudry, Michigan State University professor of horticulture, honored by the industry he serves in his research and Extension program. I described his recognition with the 2010 Distinguished Service Award from the Michigan State Horticultural Society in a previous posting. And yesterday, the Michigan Apple Pomesters recognized him with the “Fruit Man of the Year” award, one that has been awarded to educators Phil Schwallier and Amy Irish-Brown as well. The presentation recognized the impact of Dr. Beaudry’s research on postharvest physiology that I described in the previous blog entry.

 What was different yesterday was that the presentation was made by current and former students who worked in Dr. Beaudry’s lab. To hear praise from students like I heard yesterday is remarkable. They genuinely know that Dr. Beaudry was much more concerned with their education and development than with the work that he needed to have them complete in his laboratory.

 Adam Dietrich summed it up by saying that he was “…very accommodating, friendly, and one of the best resources we had due to his wealth of knowledge on scientific but also life subjects. He was never unwilling to help when college homework became a struggle, always made sure there was some order in his lab, but made sure it was a friendly atmosphere and was moving forward. He had high expectations of everyone and we were sure to meet them because of the respect we had for him but also because he had always treated us with respect.”

Congratulations to Dr. Beaudry, and thanks for his contributions to the Michigan apple industry AND MSU’s students.

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