MSU Extension staff offers bullying prevention workshops

Educators – along with the wide variety of adults who live with and care about young people – now recognize bullying as a serious health issue. Gov. Snyder’s signing of Public Act 241 of 2011, an anti-bullying bill, shows that Michigan takes bullying seriously. This act, known as “Matt’s Safe School Law,” requires that all school district boards adopt and implement a policy no later than six months after the passage of this legislation. This law takes a significant step toward addressing bullying and violence within school settings; yet, for the law to be effective, adults who work with children and youth need to learn more about these issues and ways they can work with young people to foster healthy relationships and positive settings both within schools and in other kinds of youth settings.

 And that’s where our Michigan State University Extension’s Health and Nutrition Institute Social-Emotional Health and Well-Being Work Team comes in. A new initiative, Be SAFE: Safe, Affirming and Fair Environments, developed under the leadership of MSU Extension program leaders Janet Olsen and Karen Pace, will address issues of bullying, bias and harassment through a lens of differences. To get caring adults started with some concrete strategies to confront these complex issues head on, the team will offer the ABCs of Bullying Prevention: Addressing Bullying in Community Settings. This half-day workshop partnering our Health and Nutrition Institute with our Children and Youth Institute will take place in five locations on five different dates in March and April.

 Find out the times and dates of the workshops here.

 Read more about addressing bullying and the Be Safe initiative here.

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