Fall Extension Conference – don’t hold the dates (yet)

I owe a bit more explanation of how we came up with the crazy idea of holding Fall Extension Conference in Lansing on top of Halloween. It’s not that we wanted to hold our own Halloween party or wanted to generate strife over conflicts folks have with other commitments on those dates (both of a family nature and related to other program commitments). We simply had few options. We agreed that we wanted to hold the conference in the Lansing area again – thinking that reduces the overall cost of the conference compared with any other location.  But our venue options in Lansing are limited and the dates we normally seek – early to mid October – just weren’t available at either the Kellogg Center or the hotels large enough to host us in the Lansing area. We ended up with options that were not good – October 31 – November 1, November 6-7 (Election day conflict) and late November (multiple conflicts with this one as well).  The feedback on October 31 and November 1 is convincing that these dates won’t work. So Megghan Honke and Betsy Braid are working on alternatives that would take us beyond the Lansing area in order to find times that fall within our normal range. We need to evaluate those alternatives before deciding which to choose, but I wanted to let everyone know that you can take the hold off October 31 and November 1. We’ll get you the final decision on date and location as soon as we have it worked out.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the dates!

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