MSU Extension staff member wins CANR Outstanding Staff Member Award

Sandra (“Sandy”) Rosa received the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Staff Advisory Committee Outstanding Staff Member Award. The award annually recognizes and rewards excellence and outstanding service in the past year.

 Most of us have dealt with a lot of change these past few years with the redesign of Michigan State University Extension. Sandy’s role changed as well, yet she saw the new position as an opportunity. She adapted and excelled, continuing to contribute with grace and professionalism.

 Besides providing support for Marie Ruemenapp, MSU Extension District 11 coordinator, Sandy took on the new responsibilities of training and coordinating the administrative assistants in MSU Extension offices in Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties as well as the management of the Tollgate Education Conference Center.

 In addition to facing the challenges of restructuring, staff members have the additional challenge of working with a new accounting system, the Enterprise Business Systems (EBS). Sandy assists administrative assistants in navigating the system, helping them to do their work accurately and efficiently.

 The conference center has more than doubled its bookings and revenues under Sandy’s management. With all of these responsibilities to juggle, she continued to be helpful and professional during the recent and complicated Wayne County Office move.

 Sandy’s positive attitude and willingness to accept change exemplifies the spirit of MSU Extension.

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