Extension helps educate public about Detroit consent agreement

Helping the public and our stakeholders understand the issues that directly affect their quality of life is one of the pinnacles of MSUE. And one of the biggest and best recent examples of this is Extension’s work in educating the public about the recent Detroit consent agreement.

MSUE Public Policy and State Government Team members Eric Scorsone, James Ribbron, Terry Gibb, Nickie Bateson and Richard Wooten are working on a series of Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) bulletins that examine the complicated structure of the agreement, the functions and powers of many key players and context for key date, terms and issues.

The first two bulletins, an FAQ and a follow-up FAQ, were linked to and written about in MSU Extension News articles, a quick and easy way for Extension staffers to push out information to the public quickly and effectively. It is a great example of Extension taking a fast-evolving issue and mobilizing quickly to leverage the wealth of knowledge and experience its educators and specialists have on an important topic.

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