A rose bulletin by any other name …

It was a long time in the making, but a revised MSUE rose bulletin is now available from the MSU Extension Bookstore. It was worth the wait. The book is not only beautiful, but also informative.

 Produced by ANR Communications, Roses for the Home: Growing Roses in the Midwest (E3157) is a revision of Roses for the Home (NCR 252). Mary Wilson, MSU Extension horticulture educator, acted as project coordinator on the effort. Rose expert and MSU Extension Advanced Master Gardener Nancy L. Lindley wrote the bulletin.

 Mary; Bridget Behe, MSU professor of horticulture; Janet Byrne, MSU plant pathology specialist; and David Smitley, MSU professor of entomology; lent their expertise as reviewers.

Roses for the Home

 The 32-page rose bulletin will make even the gardener who is hesitant about growing roses confident enough to dig in and get going with the popular perennial. Though the bulletin isn’t as large as a coffee-table book, you’ll want to put it on display due to its colorful photographs. The excellent and practical information and useful diagrams and tables put forth in the book make it a reference that rose gardeners will refer to again and again. Please promote this book in your county offices.

 I’ll add my confession to opting for those super-easy ‘Double Knock Out’ roses as a solution to my desire for blooming roses and my lack of expertise at keeping the things healthy and vibrant. Maybe with this bulletin, I can be brave and branch into varieties that maybe take a bit more attention and knowledge, but also pay off with some incredible eye- and nose-candy in our landscape.

 Order it from the MSU Extension Bookstore at bookstore.msue.msu.edu. At $6, it’s a bargain.

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