You’re making our numbers go up

A few weeks ago in Spotlight, I mentioned the May 21 Michigan State University Extension Update webinar and Beth Stuever’s presentation on our new MSU Extension website and the pilot News for Ag and News for MSUE websites that preceded our current site. Beth discussed statistics from a survey of Agriculture and Agribusiness Institute staff members who worked on the MSUE News for Ag website.

 You may not find statistics interesting, but it may interest you to know that you have a direct hand in controlling them. The fact is that your involvement in the website is responsible for an increase in hits on the site. Your input is absolutely essential. Your expertise and knowledge make up the heart of the website.

 In a survey completed in November 2011, 45 percent of AABI educators said that their writing skills improved since writing for the site. More than half admitted to becoming more familiar with online technology through working on the site. You’ve gone beyond your comfort zones and reached out to learn something new.

 Sixty-one percent of respondents believe that the website has helped media relations efforts. We have been getting more phone calls from local media and seeing more visits to the website from the media. Sixty-three percent of the AABI educators said the website has increased our visibility with stakeholders.

 Though some AABI members may believe they were wasting valuable time writing articles, in reality that time is never wasted. We are getting your knowledge and expertise out to Michigan residents, and we’re enhancing our reputation. We’re getting involved more quickly in national issues.

 So keep writing those stories. Your efforts are appreciated, and they are making a difference.

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