Keeping up with retirees

We are very much a “people organization,” one that not only depends on resourceful, creative, bright and caring staff members, but one that excels in direct proportion to the emotional intelligence of the individuals who make up our staff and the culture of shared commitment and effort that makes us a team. Retirement presents challenges to any people organization – we lose frequent contact with former colleagues and collaborators, and over time, we lose track of where they live, what they’re doing, and whether they’re in good health or not. This MSUE Spotlight newsletter goes out to a group of retirees who have asked to be included in the mailings. It’s a small way of remaining connected, but it often leads to some very welcome messages from retirees that help me understand the history and wealth of our heritage even more.

In order to help me keep up with retirees – at least their email whereabouts – it would be great for individuals to either let me know directly by email or by responding on my blog about any changes they may wish to share. Even better, feel free to share information – and this includes news that may be of interest to others – with our Human Resources office. Julie Dansby does a great job of sending out notifications when we learn of a former colleague’s passing, not through MSUE Spotlight, but as a direct mailing to a listing that she keeps of current and former employees. Please send her any changes in email address and mailing address directly to And if you learn of one of your former colleagues passing away, please share that information with her as well so she can share that information more widely.

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