MSU Extension continues to assist with drought-related issues

In last week’s Spotlight, I talked about our nimble response to addressing social-emotional health issues brought on by reaction to drought and severe weather.

Though some areas have had a little rain in the past week, the weather situation is still dire. Our staffers are continuing to do a terrific job of providing counsel and writing articles to help farmers and others respond to drought conditions. This has included everything from dealing with drought-related depression to the potential for spider mite infestation to keeping blueberries irrigated.

As you are working with folks, please direct them to some new resources that we have created on the MSU Extension website in response to the drought. For information about current drought and heat stresses, click on “Agriculture,” and then click on “Drought Resources” or “Animal Heat Stress Management Resources” in the far right column. Both pages aim at giving drought-related resources to people who need them.

Another new communication tool is a handy-dandy card that can be used to lead people to our MSU Extension website. This card has links to the new drought-related resources pages. You can find the card in SharePoint. To access it, log in and go to the documents section in the “MSUE All Staff” section. The card is titled “Drought Resources Info Card 7-30-12.” I encourage you to print it out to get the word out at fairs, trade shows or anywhere you communicate with people. I know that I will.

Folks across institutes and work groups are working hard and sharing ideas that make a difference. MSU Extension educator Marilyn Thelen and senior Extension educator Dan Rossman lead the field crop work group with our response to the drought. I appreciate their aggressive but thoughtful approach.

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