Reminders for FEC12 attendees

As you know, the Fall Extension Conference 2012 takes place Oct. 29–30 at the Lansing Center, 333 Michigan Ave., in downtown Lansing. Here are a few reminders from staff organizing the conference:

Attendees not staying at the Radisson Hotel may park below the Lansing Center. Please collect your parking validation at registration. Validations are limited to one per day.

Attendees staying at the hotel receive complimentary parking in the ramp near the Radisson. Please be conscious of our limited budget and use the hotel’s parking validation if you are able to do so.

Remember to bring and wear your name tag. We won’t provide them. We’ll check name tags periodically to ensure you are registered for the conference.

If you are dropping off or picking up items at FEC, please be sure to have them at registration early Monday, as they will need to be picked up and stored in vehicles or rooms. There is no storage or security for items at registration after 5 p.m.

Please be sure to check in at registration to pick up your receipt/invoice and agenda.

Association meetings take place 9 a.m. on Monday morning.

Staff awards will be presented at the luncheon and dinner on Monday. Key Partner and other external awards will be presented at the dinner on Monday. We invite and encourage everyone to attend the dinner.

For more information, go to I look forward to seeing you there and reconnecting with all who make MSUE a great organization to work in!

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