MSU Extension website passes million mark

Sometimes it takes years to see our hard work pay off and often success is difficult to measure. I’m happy to tell you about one example where it didn’t take long to see the results of our efforts backed up by the numbers. Our newly created Michigan State University Extension website recently passed the million mark. As of November 14, the site has had 1,018,340 page views since April 18 when ANR Technology Services finished developing the framework and ANR Communications launched it. The number represents the number of times someone accesses the site. This amount in a seven-month period exceeded everyone’s expectations.

Your MSU Extension News articles are the most popular content – nearly half of all page views. Each Extension staff member creates two articles a month contributing to the diversity and expertise on the site. Obviously, your hard work is paying off. We are reaching a vast amount of people, sharing our knowledge through technology.

In our Nov. 5 MSUE webinar, we began a discussion on ways to ensure the quality of story content and to keep story ideas coming. Be sure to listen to the upcoming Nov. 19 webinar when we’ll go over some of those ideas.

Thanks to Extension educators and specialists who write the stories and to the ANR Communications staff and others who edit the stories and post them on the site. Thanks to ANR Technology Services, continually involved in the development of the site and working with us on goals to improve the site in a number of areas.

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