Video gives instructions on submitting events to MSUE website

Our Michigan State University Extension website is a great place to market your programs and events and to let stakeholders know about all of the events we offer. We’re including you in the process of getting those events to our website.

As we embrace technology, many of us have had to step out of our comfort zones to take on new tasks unfamiliar or even a bit scary to us. Many staff members have boldly stepped forward to submit events to post on the MSU Extension website. Some of you may still be a bit hesitant to do so, or you may possess the skills of a tech wizard, but you’re not exactly sure what to type in those form fields.

Agriculture and Natural Resources Communications technical writer Katie Gervasi (Alexander) has come to the rescue with an instructional video housed on SharePoint. The video provides details on how to submit events for placement on the MSU Extension website.

Please keep in mind that this video does not give instructions for loading events into the Event Management System (EMS) through event services. If you do submit an event to the EMS, your event will automatically be loaded to the MSU Extension website.

To access the video, log on to SharePoint. Then go to “MSUE All Staff” and then “Announcements.” Click on MSUE event posting video tutorial.

You may also access the video directly through this link:

Additionally, you may upload event support materials such as PDFs, JPEGs and Word documents. Watch the video for proper submission procedures.

Once you have submitted your event, it should post within 48 business hours.

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