Take Extension educator’s advice on recycling your Christmas tree

Many of you chose a fresh Michigan pine or spruce to pose as the stately center of your festivities this holiday season. Now the celebrations have ceased, and what was once the focus of attention and symbol of good cheer heads for the compost pile.

Rebecca Finneran, Michigan State University Extension educator, offers up a fresh idea for your not-so-fresh tree. She suggests using boughs from the tree to protect your shrubs and perennials from hungry deer, especially now that we have an accumulation of snow over much of our landscape.

I will confess that I count on those hungry deer to help prune the rose bushes in my back yard, but there are some arborvitae I’d just as soon shape with my own pruning and not the browsing range of deer. So I’ll try protecting them as Rebecca has suggested. Still, if their mouths are tough enough to handle thorny roses, I’m wondering how pine and fir needles can deter them.

Find her helpful advice and accompanying photo on our MSU Extension website at http://msue.anr.msu.edu/news/recycle_your_fresh_christmas_tree_and_protect_against_deer_browse.

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