Glenn Dudderar is a living legend even without the award

You may recall that we promoted voting for Glenn Dudderar, retired Michigan State University Extension wildlife specialist, for the Living Legend Award promoted by outdoor garment retailer Stormy Kromer (based in Ironwood, Michigan). Glenn was one of ten people nominated for this award based on his contributions to conservation efforts near his new home in Maryland as well as his many years of service and volunteering in Michigan. The Stormy Kromer company announced this week that the highest vote total went to another candidate, Laura Beaubien, who is a Michigan native, but lives in Oregon today.

I want to thank Glenn, first for his many years of service to MSU Extension and to Michigan wildlife interests, and secondly, for his decision to name our 4-H Great Lakes & Natural Resources Camp as the recipient of the gift funds that would have come with the award if he had won it. Glenn helped to establish this award-winning program and served on the staff for many years prior to his retirement. Anyone who remembers working with Glenn should not be surprised that he is fully involved in a number of conservation efforts in his home state of Maryland. That he would chose MSU Extension as a beneficiary of his award is even more noteworthy given his current interests in the Chesapeake Bay region. So thanks, Glenn, for being a good sport, and for your generosity with MSUE! And please drop me a note when the perch start biting in the Chesapeake!

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