New tools for MSU Extension news article writers, reviewers

I have been thoroughly impressed by the work everyone has done writing and submitting their two news articles per month for the MSUE website. To see the quality and breadth of work every day is awe-inspiring. But like any new venture the goal is to continue making it even better.

That is why ANR Communications, led by Michelle Lavra and Beth Stuever, has developed some handy tools for both article writers and article reviewers.

  • The MSU Extension News: Source Guidelines gives examples of appropriate source material and how to references those sources for your articles.
  • The MSUE News: Writers Guide is a checklist that writers can reference as they develop and review their own articles. It covers structure, content, sources, consistency and the final checks you should make before submitting your article.
  • The MSUE News: Reviewers Guide helps reviewers assess and rate certain elements of a news article and make comments to the writer.

While it is not mandated that people use these new tools, I encourage everyone to give them a try. The news articles, which have driven so many new people to our website and increased the exposure of MSU Extension, are an organizational expectation and we must work to increase the quality of the articles. These tools serve as a great way to make the process of writing and reviewing articles easier, quicker and also will result in a better end product.

The MSUE News Toolkit, with all the tools mentioned above, can be found on Sharepoint under MSUE All Staff.

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